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“Visit Bob Perrill’s FaceBook page for additional photographs”

Here are some snaps taken by Bob during his travel.

The Baja fairyduster (Calliandra californica) attracts many pollinators like this Anna’s hummingbird. Oh, well, she was there a minute ago. Oops






Canada Goose bathing in dappled sunlight






A crested caracara wanting to be alone, so I left.





Coville barrel (Ferocactus emoryi ssp. covillei) has bright red flowers and heavier radial spines than the local fishhook barrel (Ferocactus wislizenii) in the Tucson area.





Love is color blind and some hearts are blue. Eurasian collared dove, mated pair. Happy Valentines Day.







Glochids. Short, hair-like spines that are barbed and detach easily from prickly pear and chollas. In the case of some prickly pear, glochids can form golden sprays up to 3/4 of an inch long. Taken in Saguaro National Park west.





Guayacan (Guaiacum coulteri). All floral parts are visible. Five lavender sepals, 5 blue petals, 10 blue Stamens with yellow anther tips, one lavender style with 5 greenish carpels at the base.







“Our summer lightning and thunder storms are spectacular. Taken near Saguaro National Park west.”


Morning dove. Another cold morning to tuck your head, fluff your feathers, and let the sunshine warm your soul.





A leafhopper (sharp shooter) in the family Cicadellidae, on my ocotillo relative from southern Mexico (Fouquieria faciculata).





Here’s looking at you. A Sonoran Desert toad (Incilius [Bufo] alvarius) up close. Notice the cranial crest above the eye, the round tympanum (ear drum) and the large parotid (toxic) gland behind the eye.





Low desert sun setting behind a foothill paloverde (Parkinsonia microphylla).

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