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- Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite

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On a quest of self-discovery, a Silvan Elf makes the perilous journey through the unknown world of the Underdark to seek answers about his ancestry in the brilliant epic fantasy, Son of Light, Son of Darkness (Drow Heritage Unleashed) by Bob Perill. Years after her Elfin village is raided by Drows, Liana, the lone survivor, and Dradamus, the Drow who spared her life, secretly conceive and bear a son. Liana named him Connate and raised him by herself with the help of a healer. When Dradamus thwarts the plan of local thugs to kill Connate, his mother reveals the truth about his conception. Born and raised in a silvan Elf Community, Connate is shocked to learn that his father is a Drow and questions his identity. Driven to know the darker side of his heritage, Connate accompanies his father on a journey through the Underdark. However, the passage through the subterranean realm is fraught with dangerous creatures and treacherous terrain, and Connate is not trained for combat and weapons; he is a healer. Can he develop the skills necessary to make such an arduous journey? Or will he be a liability and jeopardize their lives?

Readers’ FavoriteReminiscent of the role-playing fantasy game, Dungeons and Dragons, Son of Light, Son of Darkness Drow Heritage Unleashed) by Bob Perill is an exciting high fantasy novel containing Elves, Drows, and menacing creatures from the realm of the Underdark. Artistically weaving together the elements of fascinating characters, extraordinary settings, and action-packed scenes, Mr. Perill has skillfully created an outstanding and riveting novel. The story is so eloquently and vividly depicted, it transports the reader to another realm from the very first paragraph. With an intricate plot and a thrilling storyline, it is a remarkable novel that promises to delight and entertain everyone who is a fan of epic fantasies and Dungeons and Dragons.