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Book of Drow Heritage Unleashed : Son of Light Son of Darkness

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A sylvan elf, Connate, is attacked in the forest. He has lived a life of healing through herbal remedies and his magical abilities, and he has never held a weapon. Out numbered, he flees, only to discover his assailants have been killed by someone or something. That very night, at his mother’s home, he discovers the one who saved his life in the forest is his real father, a drow called Dradamus. His mother had wanted to tell him, but didn’t know how to say his father is the drow who saved her life when she was very young. Anger and confusion turned into a desire to know and understand his father. Driven to know his father’s world, he must travel into the deep caverns of the Underdark to find his heritage.

To survive in the realm of the drow, he must master the often violent rules of a world totally different from everything he has known from childhood. Is it possible to change that much? Come along with Connate, as he learns the drow language, and how, for the first time, to use the weapons necessary for survival in the world he is about to enter.

Weapon training never stops, and his growing, yet clumsy skill with two swords, is tested in early encounters with small, but deadly creatures. He befriends a rare and beautiful tarkin cat. This unique animal travels with Connate and his father through the Underdark and becomes a valuable friend in times of need. Dradamus must return home before Connate has learned enough to enter the city. With his father gone, he stays with a ramandi, an ultra-intelligent dweller of the Underdark. Ramandis feed on solid food, but they also absorb the mental energies of others. They teach their young through direct mental transfers, and, by this method, Connate learns more in the few months his father is away, than he could possibly have acquired over years of experience. When Dradamus returns, they travel to the dwarven underground trading city of Gordenna Lourda Ki, also known as Denna.

Here, Connate learns that not all perils lie in the wilds of the Underdark. Dangers based on deceit, greed, and hatred are more difficult to see coming than any subterranean monster. He is beginning to understand what is father has been trying to teach him. To survive in the drow’s world, he must believe and follow the rules of the Underdark, and follow them instinctively. Is it possible to make the adjustment, both mentally and physically, from the peaceful life as a sylvan elf to the chaotic life of the drow? The drow’s hatred for the elven race is constantly drilled into each and every member from birth.

Will they even accept a feted elf walking freely among them? Follow Connate as he transforms from a peaceful, trusting healer into a wary, self-confident, and a yet hated member of the drow city of Ribbonstone. Danger comes from all directions, and Connate is tested beyond his abilities.


Son of Light Son of Darkness

Drow Heritage Unleashed : Son of Light Son of Darkness

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