Drow Heritage Unleashed: Son of Light, Son of Darkness



When an elf learns his father is a drow, his life is changed forever. Anger and confusion are slowly replaced by curiosity and final acceptance. To find out who he really is, he is driven to travel with his father into the deep caverns. As a healer, the values of his surface life are challenged in every twist and turn of the Underdark. Can he possibly learn enough, and change his perspective on life enough, to survive in the drow’s world? Follow Connate on his epic journey to discover his true heritage.


Bob Perrill has a BS in biology, spent four years in the air force, and two summers at Rocky Mountain National Park. He moved to Tucson, became the Assistant Curator of Plants at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and was a field biologist, surveying for rare and endangered species across the southwest. He retired from the University of Arizona after eighteen years. Currently, he is a volunteer naturalist at Saguaro National Park West. He is a nature photographer, has written non-fiction articles, and contributed to scientific publications. He lives with his wife on two acres of Sonoran Desert habitat.

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