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Drow Heritage Unleashed : Son of Light Son of Darkness

Drow Heritage Unleashed

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Drow Heritage Unleashed

Anger and confusion are slowly replaced by curiosity then finally, acceptance. To find out who he is, he is driven to travel with his father into the deep caverns. The values of his surface life are challenged in every twist and turn of the Underdark. Can he possibly learn enough as well as change his perspective on life enough to survive in the drow’s world? Follow Connate on his epic journey to discover his true heritage.

Book excerpt From P 18

Drow Heritage Unleashed His left hand pressed tightly against his side and his right shoulder and arm throbbed with pain. He was accustomed to holding leather pouches of healing herbs and the heavy sword made his arm ache even more. Read more

Book excerpt From P 261

Sharneka gave a sharp command and rapped the staff leaning against her chair on the floor. Connate hear a scrap behind and turned to see a giant spider crawling through the doorway. Its leg span was nearly as wide as he was tall. Read more

Book excerpt From P 304

Connate slowly got to his feet, his right leg ached and blood flowed from the cut delivered by Rennen. A sudden pain in his side was followed by a burning sensation. A crossbow (sleep) dart protruding from his armor. Read more

Drow Heritage Unleashed

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Bob Perrill

Bob Perrill is a life-long biologist. He started following ants on the sidewalk at the age of two and began collecting insects in the first grade and continued through college. He started birding in the fifth grade and continues today. Likewise, he received his BS in biology at Westmar College. Not only that, but he spent four years in the Air force in the veterinary surgery support section working with NASA and in medical research.

Not only that, but he rode the human centrifuge monthly and became a member of the 15G club (15 times normal gravity). Most three-day weekends were spent at Big Bend National Park or birding along the gulf coast. After an honorable discharge, he spent two summers at Rocky Mountain National Park. The story “Ebony Islands on a Foam Covered Sea” in his blog happened during that time.

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